Water Sports In Dubai

Get an unmatched fun, endless sea adventures and a range of water sports in Dubai. Whether it is a quick move out with friends, a quick holiday, water sports enthusiasts or an exciting vacation! We make your experience memorable with amazing water sports in Dubai like scuba diving, Jet Skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, standing paddle, deep sea fishing, fly boarding, parasailing, speed boating and more. Our goal is to give you an experience never imagined. 

Dubai may be synonymous with the Arabian Desert but in recent times it has managed to become a favorite destination for water babies from all over the world! The city with its vast coastline, calm waters of the Arabian Sea, and excellent beach facilities are fast becoming a global water sports destination. One can find a wide variety of water sports in Dubai for adventurers of every stage, beginners and experts alike. Even the water sports prices are affordable and holidaymakers can indulge in them at least once on their Dubai trip.

Exciting Water Sports In Dubai


Not too keen on rushing things? Then parasailing in Dubai might just be the perfect water sport for you. In fact, both parasailing and paragliding in Dubai are must-try experiences that you cannot leave without. A parasail is a special parachute that is guided by a boat, it rises with the speed of the boat and floats in the sky giving you panoramic views of the entire city of Dubai. You can experience an adrenaline rush as the parachute takes off the water surface but once settled in the air you will feel like an eagle soaring in the skies!

Jet Skiing

The combination of sheer mechanical power combined with the thrill of being in the wide open ocean is what you get on a Jet Ski! A ride on a jet ski in Dubai is one of the best water sports you can try out when in the city. The Nemo Watersports in Dubai is one of the best providers, and the jet ski tour they take is near the Burj Al Arab where you can get amazing photographs of your adventure story!

Speed Boating

A Speed boat is a fantastic way of involving the entire family in adventure water sports activities in Dubai. The speedboat takes you on a tour of the Dubai beachfront and is one of the most common water sports in Dubai Jumeirah Beach. The speedboat is a safe activity where up to 4 members of the family can take part together, offering a unique shared experience that you can cherish forever! The tour takes you through the top landmarks of the city and will get you some great photographs.


Atlantis The Palm is among the best hotels and attractions in Dubai and Aquarium Diving here is the ultimate water adventure in Dubai! The aquarium has over 65,000 marine animals including manta rays, sharks, and fish. It is one of the world’s largest aquariums and is beautifully themed to give you a once in a lifetime experience. There are several diving packages for beginners to experts and even non-swimmers. Swimming alongside the elegant manta ray and standing in a whirlpool of colorful fish is something that can be experienced only here!

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